Greg Centineo

  • ENERGY. If I had to capture myself in one word, that would be it. No matter what business or project I’m helping, I bring revitalizing energy. Small business or huge production, like Oz – doesn’t matter. I see things others don’t see in themselves and draw that out. I pull potential where others see only failure. When what’s needed is fresh energy and re-framing of story – that’s what I love to give. Do that – and the potential is limitless.”
    – Greg Centineo

  • “Greg is truly a unique and powerful presence among us. He somehow appeared in my life in the immediate aftermath of a devastating professional failure. With a long list of followers and ‘friends’ having vanished, Greg recognized something in me that made him believe in me, when few others could…his ability to see so quickly the traits that would become the foundation of my recovery is a remarkable gift…and his belief in me was contagious. With the support of an amazing family, and the curiously divine appearance of Greg Centineo, it wasn’t long before my own beliefs redefined that failure as a contributing chapter in a life of which I am very proud. If Greg should wander into your life, in good times or bad, count yourself lucky…and listen to what he has to say.”
    – John Textor, Founder of Pulse Evolution; Former CEO of Digital Domain

  • “Greg is a larger-than-life person who thinks BIG about everything. He can see well beyond ‘what is’ and envision and articulate ‘what could be.'”
    – Vic Macchio, Founder & CEO of Divona, Inc.

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