Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return


Greg came into the Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return project when the small, independent company wanting to tell the story needed him most. But the idea of a fully animated movie, tied to the beloved classic, The Wizard of Oz, with hopes of going to the big screen were, by all accounts, impossible.



Founded by the world's leading executives and producers of photo-realistic digital humans, Pulse Evolution triumphed at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Pulse had brought back to the stage - in perfect digital likeness - the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But they had not just brought Michael Jackson to “life” again - they had once again given life to a whole new era...



"Everything you want is on the other side of fear. These are a handful of the start-ups that made the leap, hiring me to consult and work alongside them in their early creation days. Here, I have the opportunity to pour into young, inspiring entrepreneurs and thought leaders. I have faced many of the quandaries they either will face or have already faced. It’s through this that I can offer belief, insights and inspiration to their journey."

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