Founded by the world's leading executives and producers of photo-realistic digital humans, Pulse Evolution triumphed at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Pulse had brought back to the stage - in perfect digital likeness - the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. But they had not just brought Michael Jackson to “life” again - they had once again given life to a whole new era of digital animation. One that is so rich, so vivid, and so realistic that audiences are in awe that it isn’t just an impersonator live on stage.

This was not the first time that the brilliant minds behind Pulse gave audiences such perfect digital human forms. In the 2009 film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, they brought to life the “old man” version of Brad Pitt. It wasn’t makeup or a camera trick. It was realistic digital rendering. So perfect, in fact, that audiences thought it was really Pitt the whole time.

The Billboard Music Awards triumph was, however, the first one for Pulse Evolution as it is today.

“Greg is truly a unique and powerful presence among us. He somehow appeared in my life in the immediate aftermath of a devastating professional failure. With a long list of followers and ‘friends’ having vanished, Greg recognized something in me that made him believe in me, when few others could…his ability to see so quickly the traits that would become the foundation of my recovery is a remarkable gift…and his belief in me was contagious.” - John Textor, Founder of Pulse Evolution

That professional failure had, indeed, been devastating. Although the special effects studio had enjoyed tremendous success, it was collapsing from the weight of a business deal gone wrong. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, John reached out to Greg.

As John relates, Greg sees potential in people and believes in them. To Greg, it never matters how hopeless or impossible a situation appears on the surface. Belief in a person and in the possibilities of imagination are enough to change everything. So they became friends and Greg began to speak life into John’s situation.

“With the support of an amazing family, and the curiously divine appearance of Greg Centineo, it wasn’t long before my own beliefs redefined that failure as a contributing chapter in a life of which I am very proud.” - John Textor, Founder of Pulse Evolution

Out of their time together, the idea for Pulse Evolution was born. John and Greg agreed that they didn’t want to just revive the SFX and animation studio to be the same. True, John had had numerous successes with hits such as “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and “Transformers” - but the new focus would be on human likenesses. Digital forms so real and true to the person’s looks, movements, facial expressions, and character that it is like having them with you again. And with the success of “Benjamin Button”, followed by the live 2012 event, “Tupac at Coachella”, they knew it was possible. They needed only to begin.

“If Greg should wander into your life, in good times or bad, count yourself lucky…and listen to what he has to say.” - John Textor, Founder of Pulse Evolution

So they undertook the hard but fulfilling work of revitalizing a successful company. Through John’s determination, and Greg’s ability to see beyond the current situation and into what could be, Pulse Evolution thrived. Today Pulse has achieved their dream of focusing on human likenesses, and are leading the SFX field in that realm. Headquartered in Jupiter, Florida, they continue to push the boundaries and develop increasingly complex and inspiring computer-generated digital humans for entertainment and media applications.

Beyond leading in the human likeness realm, Pulse is also leading in the business side of special effects. The company holds multi-year revenue share agreements with the Estates of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Marilyn Monroe, three of the world's most valuable - and beloved - performers. Owning the intellectual rights to likenesses or completed SFX work is nearly unheard of, setting Pulse apart in yet one more way.

Pulse Evolution’s long-term goal is to be the "face" of artificial intelligence, to provide highly realistic human forms to interactive, artificially intelligent computer beings. Their technology has countless applications: in life sciences, education, telecommunication, and entertainment. It even has the ability to allow consumers to personally choose digital likenesses as avatars for numerous uses.

“This technology, augmented reality, is the next big thing - just as 3-D once was. And it’s only going to grow. Its reach is limitless.” - Greg

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