“Everything you want is on the other side of Fear"

My start up incubator is where I have the opportunity to pour into inspiring young entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Check out how these thriving leaders are changing the future and their companies.

Medical Creations

Medical Creations is a medical devices company focusing on creating new and alternative prosthetic products. The company was founded with the vision of making the socket manufacturing process more streamlined and creating a prosthetic solution that is viable for developing markets.

"There are two ways to look at problems: as setbacks or as opportunities. Greg has an amazing way of turning things that are seemingly problems into opportunities. I’ve watched him take broken pieces and failed enterprises, and recreate them into masterpieces by simply identifying critical cracks and leaks in the infrastructure that others don’t see.

I met Greg when I had an idea to start a company in the medical devices space. As a software engineer, it was an industry and space that I knew absolutely nothing about. Greg looked carefully at what I was hoping to do. He tore it apart, and identified a few simple steps that, if followed, would jumpstart the company to success. I remembered every word he said and the advice he gave, and we applied it. In under a year, we grew from zero into a $20 million company, and we’re growing fast.

I don’t think we would have come this far, this fast, had it not been for Greg’s ability to identify some critical elements of our infrastructure that needed tweaking. Small seeds grow into big trees."

Miguel A. Sosa, CEO of Medical Creations


Canvas is a geolocation-based tattoo directory allowing artists and consumers to connect on a streamline network, right from their mobile devices. Canvas displays artists (who take part) on a map, where their profile appears, location, hours, contact info, reviews, and an entire portfolio. Canvas's partnership with Augusta Software Solutions's app Profilo allows artists to display deals and discounts they may be running as well. This solves the problem of a fragmented market, where only artists who have the resources available to market their business will be shown in search engines and allows consumers to find local, affordable talent to trust with their body as a canvas.
“I met Greg in 2009, when I was an eleven-year-old kid without a clue of what I wanted to do with my life. Due to my life’s circumstances, I was privy to Greg’s presence either in person or on numerous calls. Unbeknownst to me, I was being molded to who I am today. I remember listening and watching him, wondering how he saw an idea and made it a reality. In our many talks over the years, he encouraged me to pursue my dreams and he always took my ideas for business seriously, connecting me with people that may have had an interest in what I was thinking. The belief he had in me and the merit he gave my ideas, fueled me to believe in myself. Today, at 19 years old, I produced a song that had national play with Fetty Wap, one of the biggest hip hop artists in the industry and I am the CEO of Canvas, an app that will revolutionize the tattoo industry. Greg has been one of the biggest influences in my life, both on a personal level and professional, shaping my view of business and on the world!”
Giustino Natale, Founder and CEO of Canvas, entrepreneur, and music producer
“Greg communicates principles of business in such a concise manner, he really opens my eyes. I walked into my first meeting with Greg feeling overwhelmed with what lie ahead for us, but later walked out knowing we had a great chance of getting this accomplished. I attribute much of our success so far to Greg. He has helped mentor us and shape our growing business.”
Sekou Cusaac, VP of Canvas and student

Simplé Poké

I have been fortunate to have Greg in my life. He is a friend, colleague, mentor, and someone who I have always been able to look to for guidance.

As an entrepreneur myself, Greg and I have always shared a similar mindset in both life and in business. I have always gravitated towards working with Greg, and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him on a few of his projects. Being around him and working with him has been a tremendous learning experience for me, pushing me to grow and develop immensely, both personally and in business.

Over the past year, I have been in the process of launching my start-up company, Simplé Poké. Anyone that has ever tried to launch a start-up knows how overwhelming and difficult it can be. A start-up can often feel chaotic, directionless and disorganized. A million and one things need to be accomplished at any given moment, and finding where to start can be the most stressful part of it all. Greg, through his mentorship and advisement, has implemented structure, organization, and efficiencies within my company that has put me (and my company) on a strong path to success. He is a thought leader and visionary, and has helped me to accelerate getting my business launched and to market. His consultation has been invaluable, and is a huge reason why Simplé Poké stands where it does today. Without Greg and his guidance, we would not be on the precipice of our introduction to the world.

Nick Centineo


EarlieDr is a web application capable of detecting skin disorders and emotional states through a laptop's camera. EarlieDr runs in the background, passively monitoring a user's face and skin for symptoms, alerting users of a possible condition well in advance. Based on severity, users are then provided with self-care treatment options or connected to medical professionals for early treatment.
“Working with Greg has been a journey to say the least. From his energizing personality to his inspiring conviction, Greg not only helps us grow, but also teaches us how to change the world.”
Alejandro Rojas, creator of EarlieDr

Wander Without Worry

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to handling and preparing food, especially when it pertains to an individual’s life. The catering industry has long ignored the needs of over 15 million Americans with food allergies, with 6 million of those Americans being children. The needs of individuals with not only food allergies but also other special dietary restrictions, such as Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, and IBS are not receiving the proper separation of ingredients to ensure their safety as well. Although the catering industry tries to accommodate these individuals with special dietary restrictions, it is simply not enough when the smallest mistakes can cause extreme discomfort and/or be life-threatening.

Wander is a food-catering company that produces both health-conscious and allergy-free meals. Our ultimate goal is that our customers can “wander without worry.” To date, there are no other caterers that produce meals free from all the top eight food allergens. There are some allergy-free options; however, they are extremely limited and bland. There may be gluten-intolerant and dairy-free options, but these aren’t truly free from the contamination that occurs in a facility that mass-produces these meals without the proper certifications.

Wander has the tools to become a serious name in the food industry and later on in the airline industry due to the fact that we bring two components of health that aren’t usually combined and taking one’s experience to the next level by ensuring safety and nutrition. With extensive connections to high-level personnel within these industries and personal accounts of living with anaphylactic food allergies, it is extremely feasible that our company can exceed our expectations. The expansion of our company includes moves into both the hotel and cruise industry and also working directly with airlines.

“Greg is truly passionate about bringing everyone along with him on his journey to success. He has effortlessly pricked my soul and given me a different paradigm that shapes the way I think every day. I would never hesitate to consult Greg on any issue I’m having. Simply put, Greg has a one of a kind aura that inspires you to be the best version of yourself.”
Cody Sklar, founder of Wander Without Worry

The Fosters

“I describe him as a “creative Genius”. Through fresh energy and perspective, he breathes creative energy into the projects he takes on. This results in a renaissance – and innovative and transformative enterprise that functions at a higher level than ever before.”

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